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Beacon Technology

What are Beacons?

A Beacon is a small physical device that uses low energy signals to talk to your customers using the Business Key app. This allows you to personalise your marketing messages as consumers come into proximity of your Beacon.

What are the benefits?

For business owners who have physical premises such as restaurants, cafes, real estate, hotels, retail stores or tourist attractions, Beacon technology opens a whole new world of personalised marketing.

Your clients are more attached to their mobile phones than ever. This love-affair with mobiles devices is only going to rise and Beacon technology helps you stay relevant to this evolving market.

Beacons are the future

Beacons have been described as “the missing piece in the whole mobile-shopping puzzle” as they allow effortless engagement for customers.

After all, who doesn't want to:

  • Get the discount voucher for their next meal as they pass the restaurant?
  • Find out the details of the next home open as they pass the property?
  • Discover the history of the local town as they walk around?
  • Sending engaging, relevant and timely messages to consumers is a powerful tool that prompts action.

And Beacon technology makes this possible.

Business Key are leading the way

When you list with the Business Key directory, your business will automatically appear in the app. The obvious next step is to utilise Beacon technology and reach your customers while they're on the move.

With full customer support, Business Key can help you find the best way to connect with consumers in your market and track results with inbuilt metrics.

How does it work?

Beacons use the newly evolved Blue Tooth transmission; Blue Tooth Low Energy (BLE). This is an energy efficient way of sending data to devices over short distances.

As customers come into close proximity to your Beacon, you can send relevant timely and engaging offers, information and updates that allow them to make choices on the move.

Personalise Your Marketing